Love. Hope. Metaverse

love . Hope . metaverse

The nature and the suffering in the World is the part of the cosmic order and divine power. Pain, depression, negativity, sadness, disappointment, missing, failure, suffering and stress are inevitable experiences in one’s life and they are part of our life.

Men were born in this World with nothing to start. For when he dies he shall carry nothing away. His glory shall not descend after him.

Love • Hope • Metaverse. The power of creations came from the enduring the sufferings. There are too many men with too many longings, sorrows and irreparable regrets rising over the past. Many times it is captured in a moment or illustrated in a masterpiece which became unnoticed.

For those who left before us, I hope we could describe them and remember them as an artwork forever. Shine like the little astronaut holding the little star in the universe and our memories. In the Metaverse, everything is immortal and there is no true perfection. It allows us to keep the best memories and the people whom we care as well as the words we didn’t have a chance to express.

Love • Hope • Metaverse will create a new World of imagination to express ourselves and feelings in the best form or the way we could never do before. Let’s bring our cares, loves and hopes to the new World – Metaverse and remember eternally.